When I started my car this morning, I didn’t doubt that it would crank up- becauseeeeeeeee I put gas in it the night before.

How does your day-to-day affect your emotional stability? Are you focusing on results without putting forth action? How can one appreciate the beauty of a journey if the only picture seen is the outcome. What if I told you the outcome may not turn out how you want it to? Uh oh now your anxiety levels are at an all time high and your journey is meaningless to you…. you feel as though you’ve wasted time… your patience to try again is very slim!

Pause those thoughts!

Put this into perspective! Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Yes, there is a greater reward but be conscious of the journey. Every little detail in life is a little piece to a complete puzzle – The bigger picture. Appreciate the journey! Rid the “oh ye of little faith,” and walk bold in your journey with BIG faith!” Pay attention to the details even the ones that seem to have any relevance… it matters -ALL OF IT MATTERS! Once you see how strong you’ll be at the end, the picture will be so much more beautiful, you’ll see every single detail in it and the smile on your face will be priceless. #CeeStrength in the journey!



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